L.O.B. vs Wednesday Week – Keep Playin’

Keep Playin'
The latest third-person account of my weekly attempt to play eight-a-side football – we wear grey… Keep playin’

Last night the Greys had something they never have: ten players. What they didn’t have, however, was a ball. So, as their opponents Wednesday Week worked through a series of slick-looking drills like the German national team, the Greys stood around with their hands on their hips, discussing Narcos and the Rugby World Cup.

When player-manager Thomas eventually showed up with a ball the Greys’ eyes lit up like underprivileged kids at Christmas. And watching them pass the ball around before kick-off looked like something straight out of Oliver Twist.

The Greys kept their wide-eyed enthusiasm flowing, attacking Wednesday Week like a tenacious Jack Russell humping someone’s leg. But Wednesday Week were just as fired up, meaning the action was frantic and end-to-end.

Both keepers were forced to make saves early on and the Greys, in particular, did well to scramble their way out of trouble several times.

But mid-way through the first half Wednesday Week’s lanky Peter Crouch-type forward flicked on a rocket-fuelled throw-in, which was neatly headed in by an unmarked teammate at the back post.

The Greys fought back, and just before half time defender Pat rose like a harpoon to head in a neat corner by Adam. It was some goal.

The momentum didn’t let up in the second half and both teams could have won it. Theo came closest for the Greys, with a breakaway chance that was well saved by Wednesday Week’s keeper Old Man River. And just before the end Greys keeper Yusuf tipped over a shot that looked like it was destined to drop in the top corner and decide the game.

In the end the Greys clung on for a hard-fought point and the game finished 1-1. It was a fair result, really, as both teams lacked the clinical touch needed to kill things off. Still, it was one hell of a fun game of football…


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