The Burger Chronicles #1 – The Lord Nelson

The Lord Nelson
waldopepper and Ewan Munro

Any joint claiming to make the “best burgers in London” had better produce something special. And straight away, quirky Southwark pub The Lord Nelson’s exotic selection of meat-filled treats made exciting reading.

Options like the cheese-stuffed Juicy Lucy and the peanut butter and double bacon-smothered Elvis Burger leapt off the page. And then, of course, there’s the Calamari covered Hoff burger – as eaten by David Hasselhoff himself – and the “8oz” Lord Nelson Horse Burger.

Heading to the till to order my mind was set on the Full Nelson; a “classic burger” topped with brie, bacon, fried onions and garlic mayo. But, as delicious as it sounded, I couldn’t shake the feeling I should pick something a bit more extravagant and magical-sounding.

The Lord Nelson interior
Sarah Dowling

Suddenly, as I stared at the South Park, Dragon Ball Z and stuffed animal characters dangling from the bar ceiling and read the menu one last time, inspiration struck. And at the last minute I found myself ordering the Gran Bastardo Espanol; two char-grilled wild boar burgers topped with chorizo, cheese, roast peppers and a fried egg.

Gran Bastardo Espanol - The Lord Nelson
The Gran Bastardo Espanol

When my burger arrived eyeballs popped out of heads around the table and I knew I’d made the right decision. The wild boar, sourced from Sillfield Farm via Borough Market, tasted incredible – like two homemade sausage steaks, char-grilled yet tender and juicy at the same time.

The best burger in London’s always going to be a subjective topic fiercely debated by obsessive connoisseurs with way too much time on their hands and a disposition for classy grease. Personally, it is a tasty burger but I’m not sure the Lord Nelson quite delivers on its promise.

Sadly, the pub’s beer selection isn’t as elaborate as its burger menu, but it does have Meantime London Pale Ale and DNA New World IPA by Dogfish and Charles Wells on tap. The search continues…



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