10 Things You Didn’t Know About Back to the Future 2

Nike Air Mag
via: Neon Gods

So today is “Back to the Future Day,” the day Marty McFly and “Doc” Brown travelled to in classic 1989 sequel Back to the Future 2. And while we might not have the flying cars and hover boards the film promised – or Michael Jackson – we do have Nike Air Mags, Pepsi Perfect and Jaws 19 – well, not really with that last one. To celebrate, here are 10 things you might not know about the film.

That’s like a baby’s toy

Elijah Wood - Back to the Future 2
via: Screen Junkies

The bratty kid that writes Wild Gunman off as a “baby’s toy” in Cafe ’80s is played by an eight-year-old Elijah Wood making his big screen debut. Still very much a fan, here’s what Wood had to say about Back to the Future Day – although he did get the date wrong.

Tacky premonitions

Doc Brown's cowboy shirt
via: International Business Times

It may look like “Doc” Brown borrowed his cowboy and train shirt from Seinfeld‘s Cosmo Kramer, but it’s really a tacky flashforward Friday to the end of the third film.

Old Biff Dies

Biff Dies
via Movieclips Extras

When old Biff returns to Hilldale in 2015, after giving 1955 Biff Marty’s Grays Sports Almanac, we see him lurking behind a car, wearing a smug look but writhing in pain. And the reason is: he’s dying. In the alternate reality old Biff’s actions create, new billionaire Biff is ultimately shot and killed by his wife, Marty’s mother Lorraine. As such, old Biff doesn’t exist anymore. In a deleted scene, Biff falls to the floor and starts to fade away.

Antique Easter eggs

BTTF 2 Antique Coins
via Futurepedia

The window of the antique store Marty McFly buys his fateful Grays Sports Almanac from features a Roger Rabbit doll, the first two Jaws films and the denim jacket Michael J. Fox wore in the first film. Who Framed Roger Rabbit was directed by Back to the future co-writer and director Robert Zemeckis and Jaws was directed by producer Steven Spielberg.


Needles, Back to the Future 2
via: Movieclips

Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea, who plays Marty’s rival Needles in both Back to the Future sequels, barely remembers filming his scenes for Part 2. “We did it all in one day,” he told Rolling Stone. “I had to fly back to the tour that night. That’s my real memory. It’s just a blur, and I lost the sweater that my grandmother had knitted me somewhere on the trip.”

Will the real George McFly please stand up

George McFly
via: Business Insider

Unhappy with the ending of the first film, Crispin Glover, who played Marty’s dad George, kicked up a fuss. And reportedly, when he found out he was getting paid considerably less for the sequel than his returning co-stars, Glover demanded a fee producers were simply not willing to pay – and according to some accounts, he wanted script approval as well. Instead, producers cut George’s part, killed him off in an alternate reality and put actor Jeffrey Weissman in moulds taken from Glover’s face for his old-age George scenes in Part 1. George was also resigned to the background, shot upside down and obscured as much as possible. In the end, Glover sued for the illegal use of his likeness and the case was settled out of court.

Godzilla 2015

Back to the Future - Jaws 19
via Mongo

In the original draft of the script, Back to the Future‘s iconic Jaws 19 hologram scene was going to feature a similar larger-than-life ad for Godzilla 2015 – which would be funnier if the 2014 Godzilla blockbuster had come out a year later.

If the Shue fits…

Jennifer McFly
via Elisabeth Shue

Elisabeth Shue was the third actress cast to play Marty’s girlfriend-turned-wife Jennifer Parker. In the first film, Jennifer was played by Claudia Wells, who turned down the sequel and temporarily retired from acting to care for her sick mother. Before that, when Eric Stoltz was still cast as Marty, Melora Hardin temporarily landed the role. However, when Michael J. Fox was brought in to replace Stoltz, Hardin was deemed too tall and promptly replaced by Wells.

The Ides of March

George McFly Murdered
via Prop Bay

In the twisted alternate version of 1985, Marty’s dad George is dead and his mother Lorraine is married to Biff, who’s a millionaire. And to top it all off, it turns out Biff shot and killed George on March 15; a date synonymous with the Ides of March and the assassination of Julius Caesar.

Senor Spielbergo

Max Spielberg
via: /Film

According to its billing at the Hill Valley Holomax, Jaws 19 was directed by Max Spielberg, the real-life son of producer Steven Spielberg.


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