The Burger Chronicles #3 – Homeburger

Bacon Bungalow With Cheese
The Bacon Bungalow With Cheese

Mental note: Wednesday’s a good night to order Homeburger! To be fair, the relatively new, Holloway Road-based joint always does a tasty burger, but last night they NAILED it.

Perhaps it was the lack of weekend rush – or the work of a mid-week burger chef with OCD – who knows. But in terms of takeaway burgers delivered to your front door while you watch the football, my Bacon Bungalow With Cheese came pretty damn close to burger perfection.

As the name suggests, Homeburger’s takeaway only. And for the uninitiated, a Bacon Bungalow With Cheese is exactly what it sounds like: a single-storey beef patty topped with oak-smoked bacon, cheddar and “American Cheese,” onion relish, pickles, salad, and “Homesauce,” all lovingly nestled in a glazed toasted bun. Simple, to the point, yet mouth-wateringly decadent and delicious.

Homeburger's neat packaging
It’s all in the details

Side-stepping flashiness and ostentation, Homeburger knows exactly where its strengths lie: in the details. And while it may not offer the blue cheese sauce, bacon jam and croquette-tinted extravagance of rival burger shops, it plays its burger hand with confidence and flair.

Homeburger’s neat packaging and stylish design adds to the experience, and with every burger safely tucked away behind its own burger seatbelt you can be sure they’ll arrive looking as good as they taste. Throw in a side of Homefries and a tub of Homeslaw and you’ve got yourself a guaranteed home run…

Blues Kitchen, Camden


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