The Burger Chronicles #4 – Stokey Bears

Grizzly Bear burger
The Grizzly Bear – I chickened out of taking a photo

Bacon jam; probably thee two tastiest words you could ever possibly stick next to each other. And the cornerstone of Stokey Bears‘ mouth-watering Grizzly Bear burger.

Located deep in SodoSopa, a short walk from Church Street along Stoke Newington High Street, Stokey Bears serves tasty “grass-fed Sussex beef” burgers that don’t hold back on flavour. The choices are simple. Temptation is high. And the Greedy Bear, “everything twice,” and Triple Threat – exactly as it sounds – burgers are as much challenges as they are menu selections.

Instantly, my eyes are drawn to the Grizzly Bear: a cheeseburger topped with double oak-soaked bacon and the aforementioned burger jam. And as soon as I bite into it I know I’d made the right choice. The burger’s cooked to perfection; tender, juicy and full of flavour – it reminds me of Patty & Bun‘s Ari Gold – and the sticky bacon-flavoured goo is every bit as ungodly and decadent as it sounds. Knock out.


The wings are worth a mention, too. New York style and tasty, smothered in mouth tinglingly hot Orange Buffalo sauce. They’re more classic buffalo wings than the melt-off-the-bone, smoked confit wings my current touchstone Patty & Bun does.

The Bearhug Spirit Pale Ale on tap is an added bonus and the Miami Vice-esque pink-and-blue ’80s lighting, cool artwork and excellent service all add to the overall vibe. The only problem is there are so many fries and onion rings the burger’s a distant memory by the time I waddle out the door. I’m tempted to order another one as a takeaway… Greedy bear indeed.

Stokey Bears 2


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