The Burger Chronicles #7 – The Somers Town Coffee House

Somers Town Coffee House
Handmade classic beef burger

The Somers Town Coffee House in Chalton Street, Euston is the kind of rickety chaired hipster pub that serves non-alcoholic dog beer and has “reserved” written on its tables in chalk. The manager wears a buttoned up fitted shirt without a tie, skintight trousers and shoes George Costanza would call “complicated.” Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have anything against any of this. In fact, I quite like it. I’m just trying to let you know my surroundings pre-burger.

To be fair, the pub’s menu is loaded with tasty word bombs, which explode in my mouth as I read them. And for a minute, I was lost, until I notice the words “handmade classic beef burger” and how they seem to jump right off the page. Something about the place – the pastel bunting, the church pew seats, the teapots in the window – gave them special meaning. The implication was an elegantly understated meaty delight that didn’t need any dressing up (until I add chorizo relish and cheddar, that is).

Served in a brioche bun with burger relish, salad, steak house chips and a side of ant-sized coleslaw, the burger certainly looks the part when it arrives. And it tastes great as well. Nothing too flashy, just a simple, high quality presentation that tantalises my taste buds on its way down; fresh and emphatically handmade – like it was whipped up that morning.

The chorizo relish knocks it up a notch as well – bam – adding something a bit more wild and exotic to the burger’s simple delights. And of course, the melted cheddar topping seals the deal.



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