Beavertown & To Øl – Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Beavertown jekyll and hyde

Another Monday. Another swimming lesson. Another detour to Kris Wines – The Craft Beer Shop. And this week I found something truly special; Beavertown and To Øl‘s two-faced Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Aiming to “push the boundaries… of creativity to the absolute limit,” London’s Beavertown teamed up with Danish brewery To Øl. And together they’ve spun quite the yarn. Light vs. dark. Jekyll vs. Hyde. Gooseberry vs. whisky.

“Inspired by an old brewing legend of industrial espionage at the turn of the 20th century. A stolen Scottish yeast strain becomes a well-known Belgian pale. A moralistic, civilizing endeavour succumbed to self-indulgent, animalistic vice.”


First up, Dr. Jekyll. A tart, muscat barrel-aged, bretted gooseberry Belgian pale (8.1% ABV).” Recently, I tried Magic Rock Brewing‘s Salty Kiss Gooseberry Gose, which tasted too much like a straight-up gooseberry flavoured drink for my liking. And disappointingly, the Jekyll started out more or less the same. But the more I sipped it the smoother and more delicious it became. And gradually, I picked up a “hint of the Devil bubbling underneath.”

beavertown mr hyde

And now Mr. Hyde. A smooth, complex, chocolatey, imperial stout (13.7% ABV). Now this is definitely one for the connoisseurs. And perhaps I’m not quite ready yet. The taste is rich, complicated and layered. And from its time spent languishing in Speyside whisky casks, at first, it’s more whisky than beer. Then, gradually (around the last two or three sips), the smoothness of the rich, dark, smokey malts seeps through the madness. Definitely best enjoyed on a leather smoking chair, surrounded by leather-bound books on rich mahogany shelves.

When I pour the Hyde out it looks like oil…

vocation life and death


2 thoughts on “Beavertown & To Øl – Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

  1. Interesting to see you saying that Hyde needs a bit of time. I’m keeping it back till my birthday in October as my guy told me to hold back on it. Will report back on how it ages.


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