Dark Arts Coffee – Shake Me Lucifer & Mother Tongue

Dark arts coffee

Lately, I’ve really got into making coffee. Grind the beans. Load up the filter basket. Froth the milk. Everything short of latte art (watch this space). And since I’ve been buying my own beans there’s one almost mythical Holy Grail roasting company I’ve been dying to rediscover.

A while back I picked up a bag of Dark Arts Coffee at Brick Lane Coffee. It was delicious. And when I went back to top up I was told that they didn’t sell it anymore. Since then the company only seemed to exist on Instagram and Twitter, and in a few select coffee shops around London.

Sporadically, I’d check on the company’s progress and always find the message “web store coming soon.” Then, suddenly, it was there. And from the looks – and sounds of things – it had been worth the wait.

Besides the delicious-sounding coffee menu, the design’s slick and fittingly dark. The three main dudes, Bradley Morrison, Colin Mitchell and Jamie Strachan – “our story coming soon” – look like a Scandinavian black metal band, posing in front of a poster for brutally dark cult b-movie Satan’s Sadists. Off-puttingly, the lead character’s waistcoat has a swastika on it. I’m sure they’re not Nazis, but it’s a strange, somewhat disturbing choice for a company portrait. Then again, their logo’s a middle finger.

(Before discovering this) I ordered a bag of Lucifer Shake Me and Mother Tongue. The beans arrived a few days later and I got grinding.

Lucifer Shake Me was my instant favourite. The Ethiopian, Rocko Mt. Reserve beans are lighter than the Jonestown Roasters beans I’ve been using lately. They’re smoother and moreish as well, and you can genuinely pick up the floral, blueberry and lime notes.

Contrastingly, the Colombian, Incan descendent-grown Mother Tongue beans are darker, more acidic and chocolatey, with notes of orange and peach. And so far, Lucifer Shake Me’s my favourite, but I’ll keep working on my Mother Tongue and see if I can get it tasting as special.


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