The Burger Chronicles #12 – Blues Kitchen, Camden

Blues kitchen bacon cheeseburger

For some reason there’s less expectation tonight. The lighting’s dim. The vibe’s laid back. And you order at the bar. On first impression “London’s very own home of BBQ, blues & rock n’ roll” doesn’t look like your regular, dedicated purveyor of magical burgers. The focus seems to be booze and rock ‘n roll. Then you notice the sweet smell of barbecued meat lingering in the air like a smokey cloud of Southern seduction.

Blues Kitchen on Camden High Street doesn’t offer much in terms of burger selection but it’s got the basics covered; cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger, the buffalo bill chicken burger and a vegetarian creole bean option. There’s also a burger of the month. And this month it’s The Holy Cheezus, an elaborate-sounding burger, grilled-cheese sandwich hybrid. I order two cans of Beavertown Bloody ‘Ell and a bacon cheeseburger and split an order of buffalo wings.

The wings arrive first and I gulp. They’re meatier than the classic lean Orange Buffalo, New York style buffalo wings. They’re shorter as well, more slow-cooked and tender, and dripping in the kitchen’s sweet in-house blend of “hickory, oak, mesquite and fruit woods.” Blue cheese sauce is a perfect compliment.

The burger’s well presented as well, with skinny fries and slaw on a wooden board. It’s simple and to the point; a high-production 70z dry-aged Angus & Shorthorn steak patty topped with the perfect quota of bacon, cheese and salad. The sauces are mayonnaise and mustard.

Sometimes, less is more – when it’s done well. And from fluffy, homemade-tasting mayonnaise to a perfectly grilled cheese topping, the Blues Kitchen’s bacon cheeseburger exceeds expectations, delivering the goods with strong flavours and a keen eye for detail.



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