The Burger Chronicles #13 – Patty & Bun, James Street

Patty and bun wings and burger

It’s been a long time (too long) since I’ve sunk my teeth into a Patty & Bun burger, and in the interim, I must admit, my head’s been seriously turned. In fact, the last time I had Patty & Bun it was from their Liverpool Street joint. And while the burger more than lived up to the James Street stores’ reputation of quality and taste, the atmosphere’s nowhere near as good.

Part of Patty & Bun’s charm is spending 30-40 minutes in the queue outside, sipping off-license beers, or Jack Daniel’s and colas, and licking your lips every time the door opens and you get a waft of the good stuff.

Patty & bun wrapped up

Today, however, I was doing a mid afternoon drive by. Popping in for a cheeky takeaway on my way home. I order an ARI GOLD cheeseburger with extra bacon and a Winger Winger Chicken Dinner side from the menu and take in the funky tunes, American Apparel hipster burger staff and cool burger art. It’s the emptiest I’ve ever seen the place.

Then, suddenly, the dumbwaiter pings and an order for “Steve” (my takeaway name) is called out. Looking at it, Larry David would definitely approve. These guys know how to wrap a burger and secure the food. No spillage. “That’s how you run a restaurant.” They even staple the bag shut.

patty and bun ari gold cheeseburger

Twenty minutes on the tube and my burger’s still immaculate when I unwrap it. Instantly, I’m blown away by the simplicity, sophistication and taste. The presentation’s classier than Stokey Bears, my recent favourite. The brioche bun’s lighter, fluffier and less greasy. And while the taste’s a bit more subtle, there’s no denying the quality and flavour. My eyes feel like a fruit machine as I devour it.

The smokey P&B mayo, ketchup and pickled onions compliment the burger perfectly, rounding off the experience with refined, modest flair. Classic. Likewise, the patty itself is a masterclass in less is more. Delicate flavours combined to perfection, creating an overall taste that’s both decadent and exciting.

The wings, of course, are just as tasty. My favourite ever, in fact. They’re completely different than the standard New York, buffalo style wings. They’re shorter, meatier and even more delicious. The smokey confit BBQ sauce is sticky, like thick, sweet brown gold, and the wings are cooked so well you can literally stick the bone in your mouth and pull the whole thing out clean.

winger winger chicken dinner confit wings

In case you can’t tell already, Patty & Bun reminded me why I fell in love with it in the first place. And to date, the P&B ARI GOLD is the best bacon cheeseburger I’ve ever tasted. In. The. World. PS – the wings are the best too! Hot damn…



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