F*ckoffee – Jonestown Roasters

jonestown roasters coffee beans

Jonestown Roasters’/F*ckoffee’s beans don’t promise any notes of lilac and blueberry cheesecake. Instead, the bag reads, “Produce of Papua New Guinea. Ingredients; coffee beans.” Sweet. Simple. Like a rich dark chocolate without any popping candy or honeycomb.

I picked up a 1 KG bag from Brick Lane Coffee once and haven’t looked back, topping it up – with a free flat white – whenever I run out. And though my head might turn from time to time, lusting after something more extravagant-sounding, with notes of orange chocolate or cranberry “for sweetness,” Jonestown Roasters is my go-to bean.

jonestown roasters coffee beans whole

The coffee is strong, powerful and bursting with flavour. And it makes a rich, aromatic flat white with a sweet, ballsy coffee kick. Even the bean itself looks bigger, more robust, darker and bolder than other beans. Less delicate. The kind of coffee bean that eats other beans for breakfast.

Based in Bermondsey Street, south east London, F*ckoffee uses single origin organic arabica beans from Papua New Guinea’s Purosa region. And according to the official site, the beans are grown in the shade, surrounded by rainforest and enriched by volcanic soil and the ideal amount of rainfall. Highly recommended.


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