Vocation Brewery – Life & Death

vocation brewery life and death

The first thing that attracted me to Vocation Brewery’s Life & Death IPA was the design of the can; a cool black and white collage of vintage tattoo flash art with a sweet slime-green font. But I keep coming back for the smooth, dark and rich taste.

Generally, I love strong beers – if they’re flavoursome and go down easy. And Life & Death’s 6.5% ABV content provides a powerful, lip-smacking foundation for the “life-affirming” U.S. style IPA’s “fruit salad” combination of tropical and citrus fruits. All complemented by the perfect amount of lingering bitterness. Aah…

According to Vocation, each barrel is brought to life by three kgs of hops and 40 kgs of barley, which form the beer’s “smooth malty backbone.” It’s a definite, albeit hard to find, standout from my recent beer hunting trips. And so far, I’ve only ever found it at Wine Rack in Highbury Barn. If you see it, buy it!

*Now available at Tesco

vocation life and death


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