The Burger Chronicles #15 – Burger Brothers, Brighton

burger brothers brighton, our favourite

Burger Brothers, Brighton’s the quintessential hole in the wall. And it’s a hole littered with awards. Most notably, TripAdvisor’s “Best Burger Restaurant in the U.K. 2014.” I’m greeted as soon as I open the door. The place is tiny, neat and decked out in funky shades of green – including Astroturf. It smells delicious.

A friendly burger brother greets me again as I approach the counter and calls me “my brother” – welcome to the club. He shows me the menu and recommends the Classic Beef. Usually, I’d throw a slice of bacon on it and call it a day. But the smells are so overwhelming I decide to experiment.

The menu’s a mouth-watering selection of decadent-sounding burger combinations. But instantly I’m drawn to Our Favourite; creamy goats cheese, roasted peppers, caramelised onions, creamy Cajun spice, honey mustard and secret sauce. Hot damn… And from “award-winning” Tuxford & Tebbutt blue Stilton to flash-fried Serrano ham, the list of extras is extensive. I throw some chorizo on it and call it a day.

Burger brothers brighton

While I wait another one of the brothers makes conversation with a woman finishing her burger in the small designated eating space. It’s pouring with rain and she asks if she can stay a while to wait it out. Her son’s still busy with his burger. “Of course,” the burger brother replies. “But try this seat, it’s more comfortable.”

He works out that the woman’s from Singapore and has been walking around Brighton lost all afternoon. “Why don’t you use Google Maps?” he asks. “I was, but my battery died,” she replies. “What kind of phone are you using?” he continues. “A Samsung,” she shrugs. Then he disappears and returns with a charger. Nice place.

Meanwhile, I lean forward and notice the creamiest-looking hunk of goats cheese I’ve ever seen sizzling away on the grill. A dude with a spatula leans forward and smiles at me. “Just you wait,” his eyes say.

I notice a sign; “Ask us about our rolls.” So I do. The burger brother tells me that they use homemade traditional Jewish Challah rolls, because brioche rolls “dissolve and break up too easily.” They also have gluten-free and vegan rolls. Oh, and they put BB-branded toothpicks in their burgers so they stick together. Talk about attention to detail. My burger arrives, so I take a quick photo and wrap it up for the road.

burger brothers brighton our favourite

My mouth’s watering and I’m licking my lips as I walk, the smell’s incredible, but I hold out and unwrap my burger on the train back to London. It’s still immaculate, bursting with roasted red peppers and classy looking chorizo. I sink my teeth in, hitting a layer of sweet caramelised onion, then the succulent red peppers, then the chorizo, and finally, a perfectly cooked burger pattie – juicy yet firm, and bursting with flavour and bite. Damn…

I wolf it down; the whole burger’s over in minutes. And suddenly, I’m cursing myself for not ordering a Classic Beef, as well – who knows when I’ll be back in Brighton. If you’re a burger connoisseur, Burger Brothers is definitely one for the list. Perhaps my second favourite burger ever, after Patty & Bun.



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