Williams Bros. Brewing – Double Joker IPA

williams bros brewing double joker ipa

Wow, I just got my ass handed to me by Williams Bros. Brewing’s formidable Double Joker IPA. I first heard about the heady golden amber on Instagram – where else? Someone posted a photo of the regular single Joker IPA and one of the comments mentioned its heavyweight bigger brother – and “twice as nice.” So imagine my excitement when I found some Double Jokers in my local Harvest store.

“Devilishly hoppy,” that’s what it says on the label. It also says it packs an ABV of 8.3%! So you’d better brace yourself for a well-flavoured right hook; a slow sipper, to be revered and treated with respect.

The malty brew is bitter-sweet with a fruity, tangy burst of citrus and caramel. And to deliver the well-flavoured “U.S. hop punch,” Williams Bros. has crammed the Double Joker with Centennial, Amarillo and Calypso hops. The devilish combination wraps around the beer’s bold, curvy Scottish Imperial IPA body perfectly, delivering a drink that’s lethal yet keeps you coming back for more. Like boozy dark chocolate orange!

double joker ipa


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