Stranger Things – Delicious ’80s Intro Sequence

I just started watching Netflix’s latest original show Stranger Things, and instantly, I was taken back to a simpler time, when sci-fi horrors had heart and kids on BMXs saved the day – and good guys (and girls) smoked cigarettes.

So far, the Duffer brothers’ labour of love is rekindling that classic ’80s Goonies and Gremlins heartfelt nostalgia totally missing from the world, with a perfect dose of Poltergeist creepy – like Super 8, only much, much better. Really, it’s an adventure pulsing with the kind of feelings I’d hoped Wayward Pines and Hemlock Grove (what a piece of shit!) might latch onto.

It’s all in the attention to detail. For example, the intro sequence, by LA and New York-based creative studio Imaginary Forces, is a thing of sheer beauty – like an old Stephen King movie intro. And the music, composed by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, from cult Austin, Texas synth band S U R V I V E, is pure genius. The perfect backdrop to complete the unexpected timehop.

Expect a full review when I’m done…


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