Sausage Party – Adult Animation With Bite

Finally, an animated movie for adults. Or semi-adults; the kind of snickering man (and woman) children who’d rather watch Pineapple Express and The Big Lebowski than boring old Citizen Kane

Out tomorrow, August 12, Sausage Party is a spoof of classic Dreamworks, Pixar and Disney animated adventure-quests, by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg – the childhood buddies behind Superbad, Pineapple Express, This Is the End and The Interview.

Like This Is the End, Sausage Party features a huge ensemble cast that includes all the usual suspects; Michael Cera, James Franco, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, Paul Rudd and Jonah Hill (credited as a co-conspirator this time). They’re joined by Hollywood heavy hitters Kristen Wiig, Edward Norton and Salma Hayek.

The trailer starts out like any other classic Toy Story, Finding Nemo, A Bug’s Life type adventure, until things take a dramatic, genre-bending turn. And seeing these kind of sweet, innocent-looking cartoon characters swearing, losing their minds and getting caught up in all sorts of terrifying situations just looks so wonderfully bizarre and unreal. I’m sure it’ll be a critical failure, and I’m sure I’ll love it.


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