Blink 182 – Bored to Death (Steve Aoki Remix)

Woh, this is seriously weird. I mean, it’s massive for Blink. I follow them both on Instagram, and Aoki’s 3.9 million followers dwarf Blink’s comparatively measly 1.1 million – and he has way more fun.

So business-wise, it’s a great way for Blink to extend their cool wings and get in touch with the kids, again. And it sounds like Aoki’s a genuine Blink-182 fanboy. But the actual remix itself, kind of sucks. A missed opportunity.

The best bits sound like the original song, without drums, then it just sounds like any other euphoric Steve Aoki throw-down drop jam in-between, without any seeming context or special reference. Intro. Build up. Massive, throwaway dance tune Craig David might rap over. Repeat. Done. It just sounds disconnected and for-the-hell-of-it. I was hoping for more.


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