Oakham Ales – Green Devil IPA

oakham green devil IPA

Finally, I found it… Oakham Ales’ fabled Green Devil IPA. I’d been on the lookout since a beer-swilling friend told me about it with the kind of roguish glint in his eyes that suggested it was something special.

Naturally, I’m a big fan of Oakham’s classic Citra American-style pale ale, which is available at most Waitroses, cheap, citrusy and lip-smackingly delicious. The Green Devil, on the other hand, is a much rarer beast. In the end, I found it at Harvest in Stoke Newington, which is kind of like Whole Foods on organic speed.

Taste-wise, the Green Devil’s a lot like the Citra. Only richer, more intense and bursting with flavour. It’s citrusy, but darker and more dense. Unsurprising, since it packs an ABV of 6%, compared to the Citra’s 4.2%. But even though it’s a stronger beer, it’s moreish and goes down smooth, bursting with fruity flavours, hops and that awesome lingering bitterness.

double ipa oakham


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