Moose Blood – Blush

Moose Blood – Blush
Hopeless/No Sleep (2016)

At first, I wasn’t blown away by Kent powerhouses Moose Blood’s new album Blush. In truth I checked them out because I’d seen their name around – a lot – and it’s a cool band name. But instead of the hairy, red-blooded mountain men I was expecting I got sensitive, well-groomed dudes in skintight jeans, glasses and no socks.

I’ve used the word “emo” to describe Moose Blood to friends. More The Starting Line than My Chemical Romance, though, with a similar, well-articulated English-accent rasp to London’s Apologies, I have None. And sure enough, the catchy, emotionally wrought pop jams grew on me big time.

The most striking thing about Blush is its sincerity. It’s likeable, easy to relate to and contagious, and the more you listen, the more memorable the songs seem to become. Frontman Eddy Brewerton’s lyrics are honest, heartfelt, reflective and full of feeling. And I really like lead guitarist Mark Osbourne’s smooth, super melodic doodles, which compliment the brooding power ballads perfectly.

Sometimes, Blush does cross over into Counting Crows territory, which is when I hit the skip button. But it got under my skin. I keep coming back to it.


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