Camden Town Brewery – India Hells Lager


I wasn’t a big fan of Camden Town Brewery. Their Hells, Pale and Gentleman’s Wit beers seem to lack flair and imagination. And the weekend after Beavertown’s Taproom experience, Camden Town’s brewery bar in Camden Road was a massive letdown. But a couple of nights ago I ended up at their newish pub Camden’s Daughter in Kentish Town, knocking back pints of India Hells Lager, and I came around.

I’m a sucker for strong, tasty, hoppy beers that go down smooth. And India Hells Lager is just that beer. It’s a weird one, really. Boasting all the flavour of an IPA, repackaged as a lager, the IHL is hoppy and citrussy, yet tantalizingly bitter and refreshing. Not as sweet as usual; a really complete experience.

To achieve this, Camden Town have thrown magnum, mosaic, chinook and simcoe hops over a knockout pilsner, munich and cara pils malt, delivering a hazy, rich and cloudy brew bursting with aroma and punch – and a powerful 6.2% ABV backbone! And as you can see, I went back for more.

India Hells Lager


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