The Burger Chronicles #17 – Patty & Bun, Goodge Street


Imagine my excitement when I heard there was a new Patty & Bun store opening in Goodge Street, and EVERYTHING was half price… for the first week. Needless to say, I was drinking beers in the queue, mentally willing people to leave, quicker than Fred Flintstone gets a side of ribs when that bird sounds the hometime alarm.

We get there early and the queue’s already spiralling out of control. Some of our team members catch Pokemons while others discuss our last trip to Patty & Bun, and how this time, as it’s half price, we’re all going to order our own Winger Winger Chicken Dinner smoked confit wings side. My mouth waters at the thought, as a group of inconsiderate stragglers does their Citymapping inside, after they’ve paid their bill, instead of outside on the street like decent people. Eventually, we’re in.

Heartbreak. They’re sold out of wings. We discuss the possibility of Deliverooing some over from the James Street store while we eat, but eventually settle for fries and cheese balls. Hardly a worthy consolation prize.

The joint itself is awesome. A perfect, although slightly roomier, version of the James Street store. The Liverpool Street one lacks the same moodily lit, loud music and bustling, cramped eating feel. It’s more of a lunchtime market stall for hungry office workers, with no vibe and a few chairs lining the perimeter. This is the real deal. Vibe for days.

When the burgers arrive I can’t believe my eyes. The presentation’s perfect and my Ari Gold with bacon’s cooked exactly how I requested. Pretty impressive when you consider how many burgers the kitchen’s churning out – at half price.

As soon as my teeth sink in my eyes light up. You can’t beat an Ari Gold. Simple, classy and delicious; a high-quality, well flavoured beef patty with that perfect smokey mayo and pickled onions twist. However, with Patty & Bun, it’s their confit wings that really seal the deal.

Leaving with that sticky, smoky BBQ sauce stuck to the inside of your lips is what convinces you it’s the best. Those wings are a miracle. And tonight, the mighty Patty & Bun does seem a bit more mortal without them. The burger’s still probably the best, but it’s a lot closer. My last Stokey Bears burger really gave the Ari Gold a run for its money. Damn, now I’m hungry again.

Stokey Bears 2


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