London Fields Brewery – Love Not War


I didn’t really hop on the London Fields train at first. The beer has a very distinct and unique malt. It’s quite something. Aloof. Mysterious. Brooding. Hard to get. Then one night, without much else on the menu, I found myself drinking bottles of the Hackney brewery’s Love Not War red ale and it really won me over.

Once you’re in, the hoppy 4.2% brew is a really talkative character. Fruity. Malty. Smooth. And laced with caramel luxuriousness. Interestingly, it’s called Love Not War because it was first brewed with the 2011 London riots raging outside London Fields’ barricaded brewery doors.

ABV: 4.2%
Malts: Pale, Cara Red, Melanoidin, Wheat, Crystal, Roasted Barley
Hops: Magnum, Dr Rudi, Summit, Cascade
Dry Hops: Amarillo



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