Beavertown – Tropigamma Tropical IPA


I was pretty excited when I read about Beavertown’s new Tropigamma Tropical IPA ode to its classic Gamma Ray American Pale. But at the same time, I was a bit anxious. I’ve had bad experiences with overly fruity, tropical beers in the past. Often, they end up tasting like Malibu rum, or some kind of sickening fruit punch with the nose of a pineapple car air-freshener. To make up my mind, I brave the pouring rain and head for the Beavertown taproom in Tottenham Hale to pick up a few cans.

Brewed with “bucket-loads” of mango puree, pineapple juice, mandarin, passionfruit, guava, papaya and lime juice, the Tropigamma certainly sounds like it could cross that sacred unwritten line between beer with fruit and fruit with a hint of beer. Then again, this is Beavertown. And we all know they don’t fuck around.

Once home I crack open a can and pour it into my trusty Beavertown tulip glass. The colour and consistency is amazing; a thick, dark, fruity, mango-toned nectar that screams delicious. And instantly, my concerns melt away, as the IPA’s rich, bold, hoppy backbone takes over. The bitterness of the hops, bolstered by the addition of oats, a revved up 7% ABV and that unmistakable Beavertown magic, ensure that the Tropigamma is first and foremost a beer; well rounded, summery and bursting with perfectly balanced tropical flavours. Leave it to Beavertown…



4 thoughts on “Beavertown – Tropigamma Tropical IPA

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