Beavertown – ‘Spresso Imperial Espresso Stout


I’m not a huge stout fan but I do like the thought of a dark, coffee-enriched dessert beer every now and again. And when I heard Beavertown had teamed up with Caravan Coffee Roasters for the ‘Spresso Imperial Espresso Stout, I was all over it.

Brewed with more than 40kgs of roasted Caravan beans and boasting a mighty 9.5% ABV, the ‘Spresso is one tall, dark drink of beer. It’s rich, decadent and bittersweet, packed with hickory, treacle and a heady roasted coffee aroma. It’s also strong and boozy, yet smooth, velvety and moreish. Like a beery espresso martini that lasts more than four sips.

ABV: 9.5%
Malt: Best Pale, Golden Promise, Brown, Low Colour Choc, Crystal, Carafa II, Oats, Molasses
Hops: Magnum



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