Oskar Blues Brewery – Dale’s Pale Ale


It’s hard to ignore the sweet simplicity of Oskar Blues’ mighty Dale’s Pale Ale. It’s strong, full-bodied and quick to the point (to the point no faking). I don’t know who the hell Dale is but his pale malts and hoppy undertones sneak in early and linger long after you’ve cracked the next can. It’s part American pale and part IPA; a “mountain pale ale,” that’s assertive, well-balanced and bold.

In spirit, Dale’s Pale Ale reminds me a lot of Vocation Brewery’s Life & Death IPA (or the other way round, really). Both beers are dark, no-nonsense, 6.5% brews – heavy on flavour and body and light on frills.

As such, there’s less in the way of innovative “fruit salad” overtures and more in the way of thick, golden, hoppy beeriness. Don’t expect exotic extravagance and ground-breaking revolution. Instead, Dale’s Pale Ale is a rich, tasty beer you can rely on like an old friend. “Strong beer” indeed.

ABV: 6.5%
Malt: “European”
Hops: Northern Brewer, Cascade, Columbus, Centennial



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