Napoleon Dynamite & Pedro End Up Working At Burger King

Wait a second… What? According to the clickbait-infested internet, “the cast of Napoleon Dynamite reunited” for a CLASSIC Burger King ad. So where’s Deb? Where’s Kip? Where’s Rico and LaFawnduh? Perhaps their careers are still ticking along, because to me, this just looks like an old, puffy Jon Heder and a very Pedro-like Efren Ramirez shamelessly cashing in on their most iconic and well-loved roles.

Heder’s not even in character FFS. On the surface, it seems like him and Ramirez (and Burger King) are simply alluding to the movie by association (and with tots, of course) but not fully committing to it by name or even a pair of glasses, a headband and a curly hairdo. So it is Napoleon Dynamite but at the same time it’s also just Jon Heder and Efren Ramirez. Possibly, to avoid being sued by Fox Searchlight, Paramount Pictures or MTV.

The ad actually reminds me of Harvey Keitel’s audacious parody of his classic Pulp Fiction character Winston Wolfe for UK insurance company Direct Line. Cheap and tacky.


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