AFI – White Offerings (Music Video)

Burtonesque punk rockers turned Devil’s boy band AFI have their work cut out winning me back after their disastrous 2013 “comeback” Burials. Of course, Burials was meant to redeem the black-hearted Californians after their disappointing 2009 offering Crash Love – which, itself, was supposed to reaffirm them after their lukewarm, but not all bad, 2003 release Decemberunderground. In short, it’s all been downhill for AFI since their show-stopping 2003 album Sing the Sorrow.

There’s always hope. Anyway, here’s the dramatic – and somewhat Sing the Sorrowesque – new video for “White Offerings,” from AFI’s tenth studio album… AFI, aka The Blood Album, due out January 20, 2017 on Concord Records. Don’t you just hate it when bands release self-titled albums, 25 years into their careers…


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