Brewdog – Mr. President Defiant Double IPA


Batten down the hatches, this one’s coming in hot. God damn, Brewdog’s burly Mr. President double IPA’s a toe-curling 9.2% – and not one to be taken lightly. I save it ’til last and by the time I pop the bottle I’m more than ready for the dangerous copper-coloured nectar inside.

Straight away, Mr. President reminds me of Brewdog’s Hardcore Explicit Imperial Ale, which is (was?) also a heavy 9.2%. Although there are some noticeable tweaks. The first impression’s fruity… piney, followed by a jingoistic wave of hops and bitterness riding a chewy toffee malt.

Mr. President’s run for office is surprisingly subtle and understated, however, and the booziness is well hidden and built in. But again, I could have done with something a little wilder. Something richer and more special. More wow. I mean, come on, it’s already 9.2%. We might as well throw caution to the wind and go all in. But I guess that’s not really Brewdog’s style, is it.

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