EZ & Moss – I Came for the Flat White But Stayed for the Nutella Brioche

ez & moss flat white

I love band practices at Strummers Studios. Mostly because EZ & Moss – home of one of London’s finest flat whites – is just around the corner. I still remember the dark days, when I used to turn left into Holloway Road before and midway through rehearsals, and settle for a Costa flat white and an overpriced, underbaked almond croissant. In comparison, EZ & Moss is a veritable coffee, cake and gourmet lunch utopia.

The secret to a good flat white, of course, is the coffee. But the magic’s in the froth. It’s a delicate, finely balanced art that takes time and practice to master – even now, after more than a year on steamer duty, my success rate is not 100%. It’s all about the texture; too long or too aggressive and you end up with soulless split milk that’s too hot to drink, too short and you’re washing down lifeless, lukewarm bubbles.

I still remember that episode* of Frasier, where Niles complains that the foam at Café Nervosa is “a tad listless.” Staring down at his coffee, Frasier replies, “Yes. I can tell without looking that they’ve got Chad back on steamer duty.”

At EZ & Moss, however, it doesn’t matter who’s on steamer duty. I’ve had three different people froth my milk and it’s thick, rich and creamy every time, with a strong coffee kick lurking within. It also doesn’t hurt that the staff are super friendly (and attractive) and the food is all amazing – especially the Nutella brioche. The only flat white I’ve had that rivals EZ & Moss’, so far, is Bond Street Coffee in Brighton. And believe me, I’ve had a lot.

*“Are You Being Served?” – season 4 episode 22…


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