Star Wars: Episode VIII – Who Is the Last Jedi?


I think I’m the only person in the galaxy that didn’t really like Rogue One. It was okay. Pretty… pretty good. But mostly, it felt like one long battle scene. Saving Private Erso. Or as one reviewer wrote, “Rogue One puts the ‘war’ in Star Wars.” So for me, yesterday’s Episode VIII teaser was particularly exciting. A nice little reminder that the main story, the one I grew up with, is back this December.

All they did, really, was announce the name of the film – The Last Jedi – with an accompanying title credits logo. But it’s impossible not to notice that the logo is ominously, and insidiously, Sith coloured. “Whoopty do. What does it all mean, Basil?”

The movie’s not likely to have anything to do with Jude Watson’s book series Star Wars: The Last of the Jedi, which is set between Episode III and Episode IV. So who is the last Jedi. Luke? Rey? Kylo Ren? Surely not the last one. And most likely, the middle one… Stay tuned.


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