Better Call Saul Season 3: Gus Fring Gets In the Ring

Damn, I totally missed the Better Call Saul season three hype. To be honest, though, I was kind of letting it linger on purpose. Waiting for that big surprise when I turn on Netflix one day and bang, there it is, season three, all ready to go.

Then I saw a touching Aaron Paul Instagram tribute to Jonathan Banks, aka Mike Ehrmantraut, and thought, “Shit, I hope he’s not dead.” Turns out he isn’t. And there’s more good news as well; Better Call Saul is back this April 10. And guess who’s in it. Gus Fring, that’s who…

Of course, rumors are also rife that Walter White himself, Bryan Cranston, is going to make a cameo appearance, or at least direct an episode – depending on who you talk to. Either way, I can’t wait. I love Better Call Saul. Possibly, dare I say it, even more than Breaking Bad.


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