Cervisiam & Beerbliotek – Not Guilty OJ IPA


Ever since supplies of Beavertown’s fly-by-night Tropigamma Tropical IPA dried up I’ve been obsessed with finding a suitable replacement. A rich, murky brew that’s part fruit, part booze and all magic. So far, the closest I’ve come is Drygate Brewing’s Crossing the Rubicon IPA. But since then, nothing.

Feeling inspired, I headed over to Kris Wines in Camden, the self-proclaimed proprietor of the “best beers” in London. Plucking up the courage, I asked Kris himself if he had any recommendations and he pointed me to a range of neatly canned, fruity sounding beers by Swedish brewery Beerbliotek.

The mouthwatering selection included a Peach Saison, a Passion Fruit of the Loins Imperial IPA and an intriguing-sounding collaboration with Norwegian brewery Cervisiam, called Not Guilty! The OJ IPA. Bingo!

The cleverly named IPA pours thick, dark and hazy. And its 7.5% ABV gives it a rich, heady, full-bodied flavour on top of its refreshing orange undertones. In short, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. A thick, citrusy IPA whose fruitiness never oversteps its hoppy, malty beeriness. Sweet, bitter, golden and delicious. Kris, I’ll be back…


2 thoughts on “Cervisiam & Beerbliotek – Not Guilty OJ IPA

  1. You’re in luck. We’ve just brewed a second batch of Not Guilty! However the name has changed subtlety to Not Guilty! The Juice IPA, as it’s going to the Swedish state monopoly Systembolaget.

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