Wavves – You’re Welcome (New Album, Two New Songs)


These days, even seemingly intelligent people can’t tell the difference between “you’re” and “your” – thank YOU Ross Geller. It’s gotten to the point where I’m scared that “you’re” will eventually cease to exist, replaced by a unanimous, landslide, QWERTY vote and relegated to the depths of obscurity. So I’m all for its proliferation. As such, news that everyone’s favourite noisemakers, Wavves, are back with new album You’re Welcome is twice as sweet.

Apparently, Wavves didn’t enjoy their 15 minutes as a major label band on Warner Bros. Records. And subsequently, the followup to 2015’s V is due out May 19 on the band’s own label Ghost Ramp.

Speaking to The FADER, Williams said, “It was anarchy. Nobody knew what they were doing. Turnover rate was like an American Apparel. It was really all cons — unless you’re a cash cow. For everyone else, major labels can’t help you. Maybe at one time they could, but that time is dead.”

Ahead of You’re Welcome‘s release, Wavves have shared two new singles, “Daisy” and the album’s title track. Feast your ears…


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