Tailgate Beer – Peanut Butter Milk Stout

Peanut butter beer? Sounds like a gimmick, right? A con. Like something out of Harry Potter. Or the kind of far-fetched, over-indulgent, Willy Wonka fantasy talk craft beer skeptics laugh at over pints of Bud Light at the local Wetherspoon. But Nashville, Tennessee-based brewery Tailgate Beer ain’t laughing. In fact, the small batch specialists’ Peanut Butter Milk Stout does EXACTLY what it says on the tin.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not the biggest stout fan in the world. But sometimes. When the moon is right. A thick, decadent, dark and boozy stout beer can make a night. Usually, for me, it works best as a dessert beer. But this time, I was waiting for my takeaway order at Yard Sale Pizza, Finsbury Park and I simply couldn’t resist what I read on the board.

First impression; it’s thinner and more watery than I was expecting. Milkier, lighter and more hazelnutty. Like someone melted a Toblerone and a Snickers in a boozy, 5.8% milk stout. It’s a bit like a beery milkshake, really. Sweet yet not saccharine, tasty yet light and refreshing, with a enough of kick to keep you honest. It’s not quite an everyday beer, but it is memorable, something out of the ordinary that I would order again. Probably around closing time.


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