Cloudwater Brew Co. – DIPA v13 Special Edition

Cloudwater Brew Co. is one of my favourite recent beer discoveries. And DIPA v13 Special Edition is the best of the best. Everything about the Manchester-based, “modern, seasonal beer” company reeks of innovation and style. From its slick, classy designs and packaging to its experimental, boundary pushing brews and here-today-gone-tomorrow, limited edition feel.

So far, I’ve enjoyed every Cloudwater beer I’ve tried. Especially the New England IPA collaboration with craft beer mega giants Brewdog. But this one’s the best I’ve tasted. In fact, it’s currently one of my top five beers of all time.

The DIPA v13 Special Edition pours thick, golden-orange and cloudy, with a fruity, lip-smacking aroma – I’m drooling just thinking about it now. And it looks delicious, too. Like rich, velvety, magic fruit juice in a can. As usual, Cloudwater do an amazing job balancing out the beer’s heavy 9% ABV, this time by combining Citra BBC pellets and a 50/50 mix of WLP4000 and 4786th generation JW Lees yeast.

It’s fruity, tropical, juicy and delicious. It’s soft and surprisingly easy to drink. Smooth, with a nice bitter finish and, of course, a strong 9% ABV boozy backbone. With v13, Cloudwater has achieved total oneness. Inner and outer peace. But sadly, v13 is the last in Cloudwater’s ongoing v series – which is a tragedy, as it taste like pure gold. I wonder if it freezes well…


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