Jerred Fest! Flyer Design – Adiรณs


Jerred Lazar, our friend and Paperjets bassist, is moving back to America. And to celebrate/commiserate, we’re checking out of semi-retirement and throwing a party. Here’s the flyer I designed for the show. Two options…

The gig also features regret punk flag wavers The Burnt Tapes, acoustic acts Rehearted (Jerred/Paperjets) and Ian Crook (The Burnt Tapes), and special (full band) guests Voldemort (aka they who must not be named). The show’s at Urban Bar in Whitechapel on March 25…


Ghost Suns – Wait Out

Ghost suns wait out

My friend and Crash Island bandmate Jeremy Levy asked me to whip up a cover for his electronic project Ghost Suns’ new single “Wait Out.” As the song’s going be on the same EP as the last cover I designed for him, I thought a negative version might work pretty well; something new that carries the same theme. Pretty happy with the results.

Ghost Suns – Single Release

Ghost Suns_SINGLE cover

I did some more design work for my buddy and Crash Island bandmate Jeremy Levy’s “obscure electro, bright pop” band Ghost Suns.

This time it was for the band’s singles “We Are Not Good People” and “Four Centimetres,” which are out soon on Fierce Panda Records. I also designed a bunch of headers for Ghost Suns’ various social media sites – there are a lot of them – and a beermat! No free beer, though. D’oh…

The beermat

Timeslides – This Is the End

This Is the End

Here’s a little song I wrote. You might want to sing it note for note… On top of playing drums for “dark tropical” indie rockers Crash Island and James-Blunt-meets-The-Exploited punk-rock rejects Paperjets, I also tend to write my own songs from time to time.

“This Is the End” is my third solo song as Timeslides. And again, Crash Island’s Jeremy Levy played the keys and synths and handled the mixing. So big thumbs up to him! I designed the cover – still haven’t seen those damn Northern Lights.

Ghost Suns – We Are Not Good People

Ghost Suns - We Are Not Good People 1

My friend and Crash Island bandmate Jeremy Levy asked me to design a cover for his “bright pop” electro band Ghost Suns‘ new EP We Are Not Good People. And this is the one him and vocalist Lola Bastard agreed on.

Inspired by Ghost Suns’ blend of sultry electro pop and dark, funeral-procession melodies I decided to try something schizophrenic yet refined – with a fittingly eulogistic motif. And of course, I was also inspired by Joy Division’s 1980 album Closer.