God of War 4 – Gameplay Trailer

Woh, totally missed the boat on this one, somehow. I only stumbled across it when I read this article about possible delays to… God of War 4!?!? Looks like they’ve finally caved and given gamers full camera control. Pretty epic.



And here it is. Like clockwork. The next installment in the FIFA saga. In case you missed it, EA Sports has just launched the first reveal trailer for FIFA 17, which is due out September 29. As such, my copy of FIFA 16 will be less valuable than a coaster in about four months time.

The thing that annoys me about the reveal trailer, though, is Jose Mourinho’s opening line; “People say football never changes.” Who says that, really? Do they think cigarette-smoking, boozey footballers like Paul McGrath and Tony Adams would survive the Premier League today? Have they not noticed the change from hard-hitting, hard-tackling, slow-moving defenders to streamlined, sprinty ball players like Hector Bellerin and John Stones? What about goal line technology, the back-pass rule, the rise of women’s football… The list is endless and football, it’s fair to say, is constantly evolving.

In truth, it’s bullshit. Used to suit the series’ own evolution from 1994’s FIFA International Soccer to present-day FIFA 17. It’s lazy. Untrue. And whoever wrote it’s not worth the money they’re paid to write copy. Mourinho, on the other hand, clearly got paid enough to overlook the sport’s evolution – which he has witnessed first-hand – and say the line like a good little boy. Disappointing.